May ABC figures

Declines were most pronounced at the likes of the Mirror, Star and Sun; there were steeper month-on-month and year-on-year falls at tabloids than at the broadsheets and the quality press.

In keeping with last month’s figures, Saturday is still declining at a relatively slower rate than the other days of the week – Monday-to-Friday sales were down by 9.7% year on year, and by more than 14% on Sundays, but year-on-year declines on Saturdays were less than half of that, down by 6.5%.

The FT experienced a sales rise of 1.2% month on month in May; its Saturday totals were up by just under 1%, making it the only newspaper to show growth in both those windows. 

FT circulation director Natalie Murphy said: “It’s partly down to a bounce- back after Easter. The FT has been helped by the news agenda; we are reaping the rewards of the editorial. We’ve also invested heavily in weekends.”

The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (MoS) enjoyed “record figures” in May, too, with the former experiencing its highest-ever market share on Monday to Friday, recording 24.3%, up half a point year on year. 

MoS market share was up by 0.7% year on year, while its year-on-year sales were 4% better than the rest of the market. 

The Mirror, Sun and Star were all down by double-digit figures year on year on Monday to Friday, while that trio along with the Daily Record experienced the biggest Saturday declines over the year.

May ABCs

May Monday to Friday newspaper sales
May Saturday newspaper sales
May Monday to Friday newspaper sales