Magazines remain a core market

The new chief executive of the Periodical Publishers Association has put his full support behind the future of magazines. Will you?

On 1 February the PPA appointed Barry McIlheney, a former music journalist, magazine editor and lad’s mag publisher, to the role of chief executive, who has said his aim is to help the trade body regain its momentum and focus, and remind the industry how “bloody brilliant” magazines are.

So often, the average independent retailer’s focus on their magazines is lost, whether it’s because they’re having particular trouble with the category or because another area of their shop is seen as more profitable.

But despite their struggle over the past few years, magazines are still robust with the last set of ABC figures showing that total circulation was down 1% year on year.

Mr McIlheney’s plan to remind cynics why magazines are unique and brilliant won’t exclude supporting the digital side of the magazine industry, however, he has stated that digital shouldn’t be viewed as the death of magazines, and with 25 years experience of working predominately in print, it’s clear he won’t brush aside promoting print to concentrate purely on online media.

With a new leader and renewed focus on selling magazines at the PPA, perhaps now is the time to consider whether you could also revamp your approach to promoting and magazines in your store.


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