December is a peak sales time for puzzle magazines, with sales up 15% compared to other months outside the main summer season.

The titles make fantastic stocking fillers – especially the mini or pocket issues – and also benefit from the general uplift in demand any holiday break brings to the sector.

Spike Figget, publishing director of Take a Break’s puzzle magazines, recommends puzzle titles be displayed prominently and grouped together to encourage multiple purchases.

He also suggests retailers try to upsell Take a Break puzzle magazines when a customer picks up Take a Break.

Puzzle magazines are a valuable addition to any newsstand and should be promoted to encourage impulse purchases.


Puzzler Collection

Take a Break’s Take a Crossword

Take a Break’s Take a Puzzle

Puzzler Q Wordsearch

Take a Break’s Puzzle Selection


Puzzler Sudoku Puzzle Collection

Take a Break’s Arrowwords

Puzzler Wordsearch

Puzzler Q Puzzle Compendium

Puzzler Q Kriss Kross

Take a Break’s Wordsearch

Take a Break’s Seasonal Puzzle Collection

Family Wordsearch Jumbo

Chat Crosswords

Puzzler Q Pocket Crosswords Collection

Puzzler Sudoku

Take a Break’s Codebreakers

Take a Break’s Mini Crossword Collection

Take a Break’s Hide ‘n’ Seek Wordsearch