Johnston Press has increased the cover price of the i newspaper, with 1% shaved from retailers’ margins, just six months after the publisher said it had no plans to raise the cost of the title.

The price will increase by 10p from Monday 12 September to 50p for the weekday edition. The Saturday edition will also rise by 10p to 60p.

RN estimates retailers will earn an extra £1,203,446 annually on the weekday edition, and £210,096 on the Saturday issue. But a percentage terms cut from 25% to 24% means sellers will miss out on a potential £367,207 that maintained terms would have provided.

Analysts forecast a price rise when Johnston Press bought the title in February.

This week Johnston Press said: “We said, at the time the acquisition was announced, there were no immediate plans to increase the cover price. That was six months ago and we have delayed an increase for as long as possible. A combination of factors – including the rising costs of production and newsprint (due to the Brexit fall in the pound) means an increase is now unavoidable.”

It added that the margin change brought it closer in to line with other national newspapers.

Retailer Graham Walker, of Walkers News, Norfolk, said: “On weekdays it’s 5p less than the Express and 15p less than the Mail. Will people move away once the price gets too close? At 30p or 40p, it’s a succinct read, but I don’t know if people will stay.”