A week is an awfully long time in the Twittersphere. Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski takes a look through the 140-character highlights for newsagents and convenience store owners

  1. Local, specialist…brilliant With retailers up and down the country looking for the right product range to help their stores stand out, Epicurium Wholesale says it can help.

2. Local, local, local… Tharmalingam Gnanachchandran is a brilliant neighourhood retailer – in each and every one of his 18 stores.

3. Got 'em After a crime spree that saw 19 convenience stores hit, West Midlands Police announced this week that two men had been jailed.

4. Remembering a different time Not sure whether publishers would still recommend this kind of store front merchandising today…

5. Touting for business With increasing numbers of stores embracing HND to boost sales, Mace Bridgwater ups the ante.

6. Loyal in-store subjects Retailers are readying themselves to help their customers mark Her Majesty's (official!) birthday this month.

7. And finally… In an era of Donald Trump, a sign that the kindness of most US customers and retailers is as heart-warmingly present as ever.