Independent retailers latch on to magazine trends much quicker than multiples, which are often restricted with their listings – something that Anthem Publishing’s managing director Jon Bickley sees as an exciting opportunity for independents.

According to Mr Bickley, smaller retailers are well-equipped to drive significant sales in the magazine market by keeping on top of trends, following their instincts and acting quickly.

“I remembered when Soduku first came out, and my newsagent – who had already spotted this as the next big fad – urged me to launch some. I didn’t and, and I kicked myself,” he said.

As a magazine publisher, Jon Bickley told me he keeps on top of trends by looking at what’s popular with book publishers, and frequently checks Amazon’s book charts. Retailers, on the other hand, have the advantage of dealing with their customers face-to-face, every day – a far more personal and direct way of keeping up with trends.

“Newsagents know their customers well enough to up sell to them high-value material, whether that’s a specific bookazine to complement their regular magazine purchase, or a one-off edition that appeals to a particular interest or passion of theirs,” he said.

It’s also encouraging to see that more publishers are working harder to get newsagents to notice their titles among a vast sea of options. RN has reported on many on many recent promotions exclusive to independent retailers. Are you benefiting from them? Make sure you’re on the radar of distributors and publishers to get the most from these incentives.