HND stores hit by late delivery ‘shambles’

Retailers have hit out at Menzies and Smiths News’ “shambolic” service after suffering more delivery problems.

The whole of the Portsmouth area was left without newspapers until late in the morning on Wednesday last week, with some not receiving them until after 9am. Meanwhile, Smiths’ depot move from Harlow to Stevenage as part of a reorganisation has been blamed for “destroying” one retailer’s business.

Linda Sood, of Falcon News in Portsmouth, said: “There are big HND retailers who are really suffering. Menzies said it was because of motorways being closed, but there should be some kind of contingency plans.”

Hitesh Patel, of Gay’s Newsagents in Hertford, whose depot used to be Harlow, said: “It’s a shambles.”


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