The Guardian’s January price rise to £1.40 has seen it offset its sales decline to put more money in retailers’ pockets than a year ago.  The title is selling 11% fewer copies than January 2012 but hiking its price from £1.20 saw daily profits for the retail trade increase from £74,200 to £75,700.  Circulation manager Rob Rattley said the price rise had been well received by newsagents and readers.

“We know that we can’t just increase the price and expect people to pay so there has been an investment in journalism and our marketing campaign which highlights our Saturday offer,” he said.  “This remains a difficult market but to see sales increase for three consecutive months on the back of a price rise shows that the product is right.”

The market for dailies is down 8.7% on last year, with the ‘i’ the only title to grow sales, up 16.4%.  Sister paper the Independent was the worst performer, down by 20% in the last year.

More Sunday editions were sold than a year ago, but total market value fell from £2.44m to £2.21m.  Meanwhile, most Saturday titles saw a monthly sales increase and in Scotland, The Sun dropped 11.25% to 283,865 and the Daily Record was down 7.88% to 242,021.