The Premier League is back, children have returned from holidays and excitement is starting to build around end-of-year film releases. It’s a peak time for collectable sales and retailers can look forward to some major launches.

Topps brings out its latest Match Attax collection on 24 September, along with a Match Attax Collector Guide magazine, which is being distributed by Seymour and is expected to earn £125,000 in sales revenue.

The one shot has four different covers, with each featuring five clubs, and stores will be allocated a mixture of covers. It also comes with a 16-page mini magazine, a 10-page pull-out poster section and a packet of cards, including one limited edition card.

It is the type of special likely to attract impulse buys, and with Topps actively promoting it to collectors, retailers should display any copies they are sent as prominently as possible – in the window, near the till, in secondary displays or at the front of fixture.

Other collections to look out for from Topps include Shopkins, Merlin’s Premier League, UEFA Premier League, WWE Slam Attax Then, Now, Forever, and two Star War collections launching the same day as the Force Awakens is released.

Panini also has a raft of launches coming, including Official Euro and international football collections, Descendants, Doc McStuffins, more Frozen, and a 3D figurine collection.

There are also several new toy collections out, including a fourth Zomlings series from Magic Box and two launches from De Agostini.