Carriage charge increase is a further cost to independent retailers

Retailers in Ireland have reacted to the carriage charge increase

Newspread carriage charges

Independent retailers supplied by EM News in Ireland have reacted negatively over new hikes of 3.5% to its carriage charge from 4 April.

The new carriage charge will add to the burden as retailers continuing to be hit with rising costs, including the minimum wage increase in January and soaring utility bills.

Menzies announces carriage charge rise adding up to £121 to annual news bills

NFRN Ireland president, Martin Mulligan of Mulligan’s Londis in Athlone criticised the move by Menzies Distribution, stating: “It’s the same old story. I pay carriage charges under duress and there is absolutely no justification for putting these charges onto the retailer.

“Any increase should go on the cover prices, or else remove the cover prices altogether and let us recoup our charges by setting our own prices. We are here to make money for ourselves as retailers, not for other people.”

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Tom McDermott owner of Londis store in Clonmel, Co Tipperary agreed with Mulligan, adding “I feel like I am working for Menzies, not for myself.

“We are lambs to the slaughter, we have no say whatsoever. We protest every year but they just keep increasing and increasing,” he added.

NFRN have warned that this latest increase could lead to more independent retailers dropping the news category, in favour of products that offer enhanced margins and that demand less time and effort.

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