The future of BBC Magazines is still unknown, with the company searching for a partner organisation to help run its portfolio of market-leading titles following its strategic review, but the publisher is surging forward with its aim to drive sales in the independent sector.

The launch of the publisher’s most recent sales initiative on 15 of its top magazines for children, such as Match of the Day and CBeebies, is expected to have the same level of success, at least, as a similar promotion last year, which generated an additional £1.5m in sales for the independent sector.

Around 15,000 independents will be sent information packs, containing point-of-sale material and display tips to promote the titles over the summer, cashing in on a key period for keeping young ones entertained over the break from school.

While 11,000 of these retailers will be BBC Magazines’ top sellers for the sector, the remainder have been targeted for not stocking CBeebies Weekly and Match of the Day, but with the capability to sell them.

With a much higher reach than the majority of sales initiatives, which tend to focus on around 2,000 stores, this scheme has the potential to really drive sales through around half of the independent magazine retailers in the country, and also allow them to pick up cash prizes for doing so.