Two newspapers focusing on Britain’s political upheaval are being launched this month.

Archant launches The New European, a newspaper created from scratch in nine days, today (8 July) aimed at people who voted remain in the EU referendum. It is being distributed to 10,000 retailers, focusing on key remain strongholds in London, the south east and cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. “It’s a Herculean challenge,” said editor Matt Kelly.

Archant plans an initial print run of 150,000 to 200,000 copies, with retailers receiving a 22% margin on its £2 cover price. The publisher has described it as a “pop-up” newspaper, committing to only four issues – after which, the company will treat each week’s sales as a “referendum” on whether they should produce more.

“We have no set targets,” said Archant’s chief marketing officer Will Hattam. “It’s moving so fast, it’s difficult to tell whether this extraordinary interest is just a particular moment in time or whether it’s an ongoing concern.”

“It’s a wholly-new model for launching a newspaper,” said Mr Kelly. “It challenges the notion that you need a three-year plan for a newspaper launch, with a £5m marketing budget and ad spots on Coronation Street.”

Last week, Retail Newsagent reported newspaper sales were up 3% for several publishers two days after the vote for Brexit.

The Word

Meanwhile, The Word, a crowdfunded weekly newspaper, is launching on Wednesday (13 July), with the first issue on sale for two weeks before going weekly, aimed at readers looking for “a left-wing alternative” to the tabloid press.

It is launching with volunteer staff, having raised more than £5,000 from crowdfunding. Retailers will take 15p of its 60p cover price, with an initial print run of 30,000 distributed through independents.

Alan Davies, a former newsagent from Salford who is co-ordinating the launch, said: “We wanted to create an entertaining tabloid newspaper with a left-wing point of view.”