Aussie newspaper change a sign of things to come?

Change is coming to the Australian newspaper market. Fairfax recently announced that they were going to move their titles to the tabloid format and focus their news delivery on the Internet including the introduction of a pay-wall. Here is Mark Fletcher, Australian Newsagency Blog, being interviewed on ABC.

newspaper, wholesaleRelevant to the UK market? Absolutely, I wonder when UK national titles will start to close, how does the Independent model work for instance. What last week’s Local Shop Summit illustrated is that the shrinkage of the newspaper market does not mean the demise of the local newsagent, they just need to manage a transformation to another relevant format and the videos of Roli Ranger, Paul Cheema and Bintesh Amin’s shops showed how this might be done.

As Mark says its the roundsmen that have a much bigger challenge


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