Every week companies use your newsagents business to advertise to potential customers. This may be in the form of loose leaflets or booklets or adverts printed in newspapers or magazines. There are thousands of them every week all aimed at your customers.

So I ask, what do you do to get heard in all this noise?

Do you use a poster in store that will only get a message to people that enter your premises? Do you put the poster in your window so that people who pass your shop may see it? Or do you do something else?

Just think about the number of ways that people and businesses get their message out into your community. There is the local paid for newspaper or maybe the freesheet. Royal Mail deliver adverts as do other door-to-door leafleting companies. Then there are the poster sites, bus stops and buses, radio and even TV, but what is right for you?

We have been successfully using a regular leafleting campaign for nearly 15 years since someone asked me “how do you get to all your potential customers?” We know that the campaign has worked as our business has grown and organizations in our community have wanted to take space on the leaflets. We have recently joined Spar and benefited from their door-to-door promotional leafleting campaigns.

The cost of our advertising this year will be around 1% of gross profit, what will yours be?