betterretailing big issue poster download

The March 2020 lockdown created the biggest crisis in The Big Issue’s 29-year history, stripping income from its 1,700 vendors that made a living selling the magazine.

As we find ourselves in the UK’s third lockdown, The Big Issue, MyMags, the NFRN and RN magazine are proud to come together to give local shops a lucrative way to support The Big Issue while also opening up a new and exciting way to sell magazines from your store.

During the past year, independent retailers have done a tremendous amount of charitable work to support their local communities. This is yet another example of retailers going the extra mile to help others. We are looking to work with more than 5,000 stores to help raise more than £100,000 through digital copy sales. There’s no need to give up space on your shelves, and stores will receive 25% of the £3 cover price. It’s your choice whether to keep this, or put it towards our £100,000 goal.

There’s no cost to take part. All you need to do is sign up and make space for the poster (which you can download either below or from this link and print out) in a prominent position in or outside your store. When customers scan the code on the poster, they can automatically buy a copy, and through GPS the partnered store will be credited for the sales achieved.

The Big Issue is one of the UK’s top-selling weekly magazines, with nearly £250,000-worth of copies sold every seven days before the pandemic. Through this promotion, independent retailers can share in and support The Big Issue’s success for the first time.

All other revenue from each sale will go to supporting The Big Issue’s vendors, who are locked down and isolated through this incredibly challenging time.

Find everything you need to take part below:

Step 1

Download the poster below, which you can print and display in a prominent and accessible space inside or outside your shop. A free pull-out poster can also be found in the 26 March edition of RN magazine.

Step 2

NFRN members will now be set up and will receive credit from their news wholesaler for every digital copy bought via the poster. Non-NFRN members simply send their postcode and news wholesale account/box number to MyMags by texting 07968 769504, calling 020 8614 0810 or emailing MyMags at

Step 3

Customers can now scan the code on the poster with their phone and purchase a digital copy of The Big Issue to read on their phone or computer. Be sure to shout about it on social media, tagging MyMags and The Big Issue.