The latest ABC figures for the magazine market are out, but do you know which launches have hit the heights of the sales charts, what the big trend in kids’ titles is, or which classic magazines have grown sales recently? Read on to find out…

Star WarsHighest new entry – Star Wars Lego

Taking second place in the children’s category and 48th place in the top 100 magazines list, this title has grown newsstand sales by 21,934 copies per issue since February’s ABC figures.

Lego Nexus KnightsBest launch of 2016 – Lego Nexo Knights

Tapping into the most profitable trend in the children’s magazine market, this monthly Lego title launched in February and sells an average 51,005 copies per issue.


Lego NinjagoBest overall performance – Lego Ninjago

The growth of this magazine beats all others hands down, with year-on-year volume sales up 34.1% – an extra 19,809 copies per issue – and retail sales value up nearly £2m.


25 Beautiful HomesCategory of the year (adults) – Home Interest

Of the 24 home interest titles, seven grew year-on-year newsstand copy sales, while eight grew or maintained their sales value through retail.



Top of the PopsTurnaround title of the year – Top of the Pops

Classic title Top of the Pops earned this accolade in February and deservedly wins it again here for its 2.3% copy sales growth and £0.1m value growth. This time last year, sales were declining, but a redesign last summer has achieved lasting results.


Radio TimesBest RSV rise – TV listings

Copy sales of TV listings magazines continue to fall, but four out of six titles still managed to grow their retail sales value, with the bulk of copies sold on the newsstand.


Garden AnswersBest performance for a small circulation title – Garden Answers

Selling an average 13,504 copies per issue, Garden Answers grew newsstand sales by 7.4% in the past year and, with a coverprice rise, kept its sales value stable at £0.7m


Ideal HomesHome interest title of the year – Ideal Home

This title is singled out from its stablemates for selling 7,024 extra copies per issue and growing sales value by £0.5m, relying on a price rise and quality editorial to boost sales for retailers.


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