The move means retailer commission on monday to friday editions of the FT will rise from 54p to 58p per cop. The Saturday edition’s cover price is unchanged at £4, according to the National Title File.

The FT last announced a price rise in 2015 and has committed to maintaining retailer margins, despite nine other titles cutting margins so far in 2019.

FT circulation director Natalie Murphy told RN the move would help raise profits for independent retailers.

She said: “This is the FT’s first price rise since 2015 and we have maintained retailer margins. We hope to bring in more profit to the trade going forward.”

Kamal Thaker of Top Shop News in Edgeware, London, said while retailers welcome the margin being maintained, 20% remains too low.

He said: “If they are going to maintain the margins, which are paltry at 20%, it could have been worse. We would prefer similar margins to those given by other publishers of 22% to 25%, but it is a more expensive title so I hope it will put more cash in my till.”

It was also announced today that a series of regional titles published by DC Thomson would have their cover price raised.

The cover price of the Aberdeenshire, Inverness, North East and Moray Monday to Friday editions of the Press & Journal will rise from £1.20 to £1.30, while the Saturday cover prices will rise from £1.40 to £1.50.

It has not yet been confirmed whether retailer margins will be maintained, with retailers being told to contact their local wholesaler.

The West Somerset Free Press has also announced a price increase, with the cover price rising from 55p to 77p, the change came with margin cuts on the south west title from 30% to 28%.