Vivid launches more convenient E-liquid Capsule Vaping System

Offering retailers an average of 40% profit on return, Vivid is introducing a new Capsule Vaping System that gives greater convenience to consumers.

The range is available to independent retailers from August 17. The starter kits, RRP £19.99, include a USB charger, battery, atomiser and 3×2.5ml capsules in Classic Tobacco, Menthol Breeze and Berry Blast flavours.
Vivid Capsules Pineapple
Additional capsules come in packs of 4×2.5ml. There are 10 flavours in the range in two nicotine strengths. Replacement atomisers, RRP £4.99, should be used after every 10 capsules.

The system has a twist and connect mechanism that means there are no spills and the shape of the connector between the atomiser and capsules are unique to Vivid. The brand hopes this will increase customer loyalty for retailers.

Nikhil Nathwani, Nicocigs managing director, said: “We know that people want a vaping product with better performance and improved convenience, which are the key benefits of the new Vivid.”

The launch is backed by a £3.5m campaign including sampling at festivals and events and PR activity.

The brand has committed to matching the price online. “Fifty-seven per cent of e-cigs are sold online and through specialist stores, but 98% of Vivid’s products are sold through independent retail. When you add in our P&P it can be more expensive for consumers to buy online,” added Nathwani.

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