E-cigarette manufacturers are ramping up their activity to drive sales of the cigarette alternatives.

MultiCig has extended its range to include MultiVape, an e-cigarette device that comes with a flavoured e-liquid. The premium modified e-cigarette allows users to choose a flavour of e-liquid, pour it into the device, then, just like an e-cig, the user would ‘vape’.

As e-cigarettes increase in popularity, the number of smokers making the transition to ‘vaping’ is on the rise. This alternative to cigarettes means smokers don’t inhale the toxins, tar or chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

A MultiVape kit, RRP £24.99, contains the device, rechargeable battery, sample e-liquid and USB charger.

Meanwhile, Skycig has rebranded to become Blu eCigs from May. The Blu eCigs brand has close to 50% market share in the US, and the rebrand aims to replicate this success in the UK.

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