Retailers up and down the country report items missing from stock deliveries

One senior wholesale expert said the issues 'aren’t surprising' considering the ongoing staff shortages blighting the industry

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Retailers have reported problems with missing items from boxes of stock in their deliveries.

Better Retailing received reports from four retailers nationwide who had experienced the issues mainly relating to impulse products.

One affected retailer, who asked not to be named, said: “I’ve had issues where a box of crisps and chocolate confectionery bought from Batleys and Parfetts in Sheffield was one product short last month.

“For example, I had a box of crisps that had 35 packs instead of 36. A box of Dairy Milk Buttons was also one bag short, because I counted 47 instead of 48 bags.

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“I’m going to query this with my supplier and check my stock more thoroughly from now on. I don’t see any reason to blame my wholesalers as they wouldn’t go into the box to tamper with the products.”

Other store owners reported similar problems in the same month, with price-marked crisps and sugar confectionery affected by missing items.

One senior wholesale expert, who asked not to be named, told Better Retailing: “The issues aren’t surprising considering many suppliers are facing increased pressure from staff shortages. It is something that has happened in the past on an infrequent basis.”

A Mondelez spokesperson advised any retailer who is affected by stock shortages to either get in contact with their wholesaler or directly with the supplier in order to replace any missing items.

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