Retailers have dismissed rumours that consumers are stockpiling Irn-Bru ahead of its recipe change, reporting their customers are switching to low-sugar drinks instead. 

Earlier this month, reports surfaced in the national press about panic buying following brand owner AG Barr’s move to more than halve sugar content in the drink, but retailers told Retail Express they have not seen a change.

“The scaremongering hasn’t had any effect yet, but AG Barr is changing its recipe for the right reasons,” said Dennis Williams, owner of Broadway Convenience Store in Edinburgh. “Low-sugar drinks are going really well for us.”

Harry Singh Hallen of Londis Carstairs Junction in Lanark, said: “I think the stockpiling story is a lot of nonsense. Who’s got the money to stockpile drinks just after Christmas? People are more health conscious and a lot are switching to zero-sugar drinks.”

“Irn-Bru does have some faithful fans, but I haven’t seen any panic buying yet in my store,” said Natalie Lightfoot from Londis Solo Convenience in Glasgow. “Maybe that will change when our customers realise that the old recipe is disappearing.”

A petition to persuade AG Barr to retain its recipe and sugar has amassed more than 10,000 signatures.