Retailers frustrated by vaping supplier Juul

Retailers expressed frustration after vaping supplier Juul gave some stores merchandising displays and stock, while withholding lines from others.

Selected stores in north England and the midlands were provided with displays and £790-worth of free stock as part of a trial. 

Nisa retailer Amrit Singh praised Juul’s product, but added: “Juul is picking favourite stores to get flavours which apparently aren’t available in convenience yet.” 

“It’s a mess. I’ve got customers asking me for the flavours they list online and in vape stores. I ask them to sell their products, but they only wish to sell to the vaping channel.”

Juul UK sales director John Patterson told RN retailers were given the free stock on a trial basis and said retailers in the south also participated. “This activity has now closed and we will be reviewing the data to refine our offer to independents.”

He added flavours such as ‘Alpine Berry’ are now available to independent retailers after a trial in standalone vaping stores.

Commenting on why retailers were still awaiting stock after placing orders, Patterson said: “Retailers have to sign up to Challenge 25 and we have to check each retailer on a case by case basis. This, allied to the retail interest in Juul and the subsequent demand, may result in a slight delay in order processing and delivery.

“We apologise for any delay, but we are sure that retailers will understand the need for us to undertake due diligence on retailers to ensure that Juul is not sold to under 18s or non-nicotine users.

“If retailers make us aware of any issues in receipt of their displays or deliveries we will ensure this is corrected immediately. We will aim to resolve any issues within 48 hours with corrected dispatch then following within Juul lead times.”

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