Retail app Ubamarket has integrated with EPoS provider Point Four in a partnership that will enable retailers to have what is claimed to be ‘the most sophisticated retail technology’.

With a client base of more than 1,000 retail stores, the partnership will enable Ubamarket’s app to be implemented across the UK. This includes the ‘Magic Shopping List’ feature which allows customers to enter or dictate their shopping list into the app. Ubamarket’s AI then recognises shopping patterns, favourite brands and regular purchases, and will begin to offer deals and money saving opportunities for products individuals love the most. 

Q&A: Ubamarket’s Will Broome talks the future of retail tech

Will Broome, founder of Ubamarket, said: “Over the course of the pandemic, the necessity for retail technology has never been more profound, with offerings helping to provide for the fastest in-and-out shopping trip. Through Ubamarket’s ‘scan, pay, go’ app, customers will be able to utilise the app’s suite of features that facilitate for the most personalised in-store experience.”

Other features of Ubamarket  include the ‘Plastic Alerts’ option, which provides information on which packaging can and can’t be recycled, as well as the ‘Cashier-less checkout’ feature. This allows customers to scan products as they shop (without even having to tap), and then check-out and pay in app.

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