Post Office Horizon scandal: PO unable to contact 127 falsely convicted postmasters

Between 2000 and 2014, the Post Office prosecuted 736 postmasters based on information from the computer system called Horizon

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The Post Office has been unable to get in contact with 127 out of 736 sub-postmasters who were convicted for theft and false accounting due to the faulty Horizon computer system.

Currently 72 convictions have been overturned, with 66 having applied for an interim £100,000 payment until a settlement had been reached, according to Post Office’s chief executive, Nick Read.

Read had previously stated that all victims of the Horizon scandal should be compensated.

Post Office Horizon: Government to compensate falsely convicted postmasters – Better Retailing

Read highlighted to members of parliament at the business select committee reported by the BBC that the Post Office had already compensated 777 of the 2,500 postmasters who applied for the claim through the compensation scheme being offered.

The government announced last year that they would compensate the victims on behalf of the Post Office.

Postal affairs minister Paul Scully confirmed the government was aware of the “impact that problems with the Post Office’s Horizon IT system have had on the lives and livelihoods of many postmasters.”

Post Office Horizon scandal inquiry granted new powers – Better Retailing

Scully added, “the Government is making funding available to facilitate Post Office to make final compensation payments to postmasters whose convictions have been overturned.

“By providing this funding, Government is helping Post Office deliver the fair compensation postmasters deserve.”

BetterRetailing.com is awaiting further comment from the Post Office.

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