A retailer is demanding compensation from chocolate manufacturer Mondelez because customers keep opening the foil wrappers on his Cadbury Creme Eggs in the search for a prize-winning white egg. 

Gaurave Sood, of Neelam Newsagents, in Uxbridge, said he wants to be reimbursed for the lost stock as customers search for the rare white eggs as part of Cadbury’s golden-ticket style marketing campaign.

The problem has affected several retailers, as reported by RN last week.

“I have kids and adults in my shop opening the foil wrappers to see if there is a white egg inside. I want reimbursement. It’s a completely irresponsible campaign,” said Mr Sood, who has lost around 72 eggs since the competition began.

He has now placed stock behind his counter which he believes has resulted in fewer impulse purchases.

Ranjan Patel, of Marsh Hill News in East London, said she was confident she would receive credit from her rep for her lost stock (featured in last week’s RN), however Mr Sood said many retailers affected were not visited by reps.

Mondelez declined betterRetailing’s request for a comment.