Nisa delivery problems for south of England stores

Nisa retailers across the south of England have reported late deliveries on their chilled and frozen orders.

Nisa retailers have been experiencing issues with their deliveries, which are currently provided under an agreement with DHL. 

Affected retailer Vim Odedra, of Nisa West Chiltington in West Sussex, told betterRetailing he had problems with his frozen deliveries. “There are issues with storage and they can’t cope with delivery to every store, so they’ve postponed deliveries to mine and others over the past couple of weeks,” he said. 

“It’s a concern because frozen is a popular category, and there are losses because of it.”

Another affected Nisa retailer added: “I’ve had to call staff in early or have them waiting around. This has happened several times.”

When asked to comment on the issues, a Nisa spokesperson said: “Our availability has been very good all year, and remains high at 97.7% in the year to date.”

A three-year logistics agreement between DHL and Nisa is set to expire in April. Both companies declined to comment on whether the delivery network would be consolidated with Co-op’s.

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