Smiths App - SNapp

SNapp will enable retailers to check driver departure and estimated delivery times and aims to help shop owners better manage their deliveries. 

It confirmed the app would be available in other regions later this year, but has prioritised the south west following pressure from betterRetailing to improve delivery standards in the area.

NFRN south west district president Derek Cook said the app will help ease the struggles distributors and retailers in the region have faced. 

He told betterRetailing: “We have had a rough time in the south west, there is no doubt about that. There are 10 Smiths depots in the area and they have all had problems, mostly with the Telegraph and some Reach papers. Recently, I emailed them to say that if they don’t improve, retailers will lose business.”

Cook added that retailers would benefit from increased communication. 

“There is a bit of dead communication around some newsagents. They will benefit from the updates and it will definitely save a lot of phone calls,” he said. “I think it’s an excellent idea and I hope it works.”

Smiths News retail channel controller Mike Makinson told betterRetailing the range of features available on SNapp will enable customers to plan resources more effectively.

“SNapp has many features, including options to change supplies, make claims and download missing paperwork. 

“Customer feedback so far has been excellent, saving time and money by not having to make a call,” he said. 

“This information can only be accessed online through our SNapp App and SNapp Online, which are free to download.”