The vaping category offers retailers new opportunities to maximise sales, following growth of 9.3% in the past two years to a market value of £160m, according to JTI. 

Nick Geens, head of reduced risk products at JTI, said capsules and refillables are two of the category’s fastest-growing products, with 91% of UK vapers using the formats. 

In addition, Imperial Tobacco suggests focusing on this category can help safeguard independents, despite tobacco sales in the convenience channel (including stores such as Tesco Express) being down 2% compared to the same time last year. 

Sophie Hogg, head of next-generation products at Imperial Tobacco, suggested the most common mistake retailers can make is treating the vaping category as a sideline.

She said: “The e-vapour category has come a long way from cigalikes – the original vaping device – to the ‘open’ systems we’re seeing become increasingly popular. 

“In terms of range, we recommend retailers stock at least one open and one closed system from a leading brand, such as Blu.”

She added the systems on offer should also be supported by an extensive range of e-liquids, which represent 39% of value sales.

Meanwhile, in terms of flavour trends, JTI’s Nick Geens added that the most popular flavours in the category are fruit (31%), followed by menthol (22%) and then tobacco (20%).

Steven Walters, of Nisa Local in Peterborough, said: “We tend to do well with Liberty Flights. I think this is because it’s a lot cheaper than brands such as Logic.”

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