Booker Wholesale

Speaking at the NFRN’s annual conference in Brighton this month, Booker retail development controller Paul Birch said the wholesaler is improving the way the Euro Shopper brand is presented to customers.

“I hope that some of the new designs and packaging around the Euro Shopper brand is starting to hit the shelves,” he said. 

“We think we’ve previously not been bold enough about the value these lines offer and I think it should be selling well. We are seeing big growth on Euro Shopper because of the value.”

Booker slashes minimum order quantity but adds new delivery fees

Birch added that Booker has also been developing the Happy Shopper range since the start of the year. “We’re driving value on the range as well, which has around 400 products. We’re working on the margin, we’re working on what it looks like and we’re trying the drive customer sales.”

Booker is also extending its flower range to help retailers increase seasonal sales. “We want to give stores the opportunity,” Birch said.