betterRetailing has discovered that the online giant and PayPoint began a trial of Amazon’s new click and collect Counter service when it launched in May.

A small proportion of stores partnered with PayPoint’s CollectPlus service across the UK are already now offering an Amazon Hub Counter service and a full national rollout is expected. The partnered PayPoint stores are available to view on Amazon’s ordering and delivery pages, all of which appear to be independent shops rather than multiples.

Jay Patel from Sarwal’s Newsagents in Woking, Surrey, confirmed to betterRetailing: “We’ve been providing the service since being approached by PayPoint a couple of months ago to ask us to become an Amazon Hub. It’s getting popular – we now get between 10-15 parcel collections per week through the service.”

Despite earlier claims by Amazon to betterRetailing that footfall, not commission would be offered to Amazon partnered store, retailers confirmed PayPoint is paying commission to retailers already providing the Amazon Counter service through its CollectPlus network.

BetterRetailing understands the deal with PayPoint has fixed terms, which guarantee retailers payments for every parcel handled.

Dipen Patel of Jack’s Newsagents in Farringdon, Londonsaid he receives ‘slightly under’ the standard CollectPlus parcel commission rate for providing collections through the Amazon Counter service with PayPoint.

PayPoint previously worked with Amazon to offer parcel collections through its CollectPlus network, but this came to an end in 2015. PayPoint’s CEO at the time, Dominic Taylor, vowed to work hard to win Amazon back. “We talk to Amazon all the time, and it is still a customer of ours for returns. Amazon is always listening, so we’ll see what happens,” he said at the time.

PayPoint and Amazon refused to comment on the partnership when contacted by betterRetailing.