IAA Stars 2018: Merchandising in association with Mars Wrigley Confectionery

IAA Stars 2018: Merchandising
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2018 Category Star: Jacqui Dales, London Road Bakery (Spar), Boston, Lincolnshire

in association with Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Jacqui goes over and above when it comes to merchandising, creating a supervisory role as she realised she couldn’t be in-store all the time and needed to ensure checks were done. As a result more checks are done more often. Jacqui uses personalised planograms, which are reviewed every six months. She also brought in a trainer to teach staff on all aspects of merchandising. This means staff understand the rules around pricing, what makes a display appealing and know to ask questions when something doesn’t seem right.

Merchandising 2018 Finalists:

  • Jacqui Dales, London Road Bakery (Spar), Boston, Lincolnshire
  • Mayhul Amin, One Stop Canterbury Stores , Canterbury
  • Aman & Joga Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry
  • Harj Gill, Select & Save The Windmill, Birmingham

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By IAA 19 Nov, 2018



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