Merchandise vegan products to boost category sales

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Retailers can increase sales of vegan products by merchandising the category with other foods, Cotswold Fayre told RN.

The wholesaler’s chief executive Paul Hargreaves said the category’s appeal goes beyond shoppers on vegan diets.

“Customers are concerned about health and the trend has been driven by millennials who don’t want food that’s unhealthy,” he said.

“Retailers can take advantage by merchandising vegan foods with other categories and recommending them as different ingredients for meals.”

Data from Mintel backs Mr Hargreaves’ claims. It highlighted a 185% increase in vegan products coming to the UK between 2012 and 2016, while 33% of customers tried a vegan diet last year.

Chris Athanasio, of Tony’s Continental in East Finchley, said the category makes up 20% of his weekly sales.

“We have handwritten displays and we stock the category near gluten-free or world foods because they go well together.

"Sales used to be in single figures and the appeal for non-vegans is growing,” he said.

Terry Caton, of Londis on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield, added: “We’re noticing a rise in sales for vegan foods.”

By Alex Yau Avatar
By Alex Yau 19 Sep, 2017



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