Say 'hello' to your customers with Mentos' new campaign

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Mentos is encouraging retailers to say hello to their customers with a three-month campaign and a limited-edition launch.

The candy brand will see its sweets printed with special icons, encouraging people to ‘high five’ or ‘smile’, or ‘take a selfie’.

And, at the same time, each sweet will offer up challenges aimed at getting people to interact with each other, including playing rock, paper and scissors, doing a moonwalk or telling jokes.

Trade marketing manager Mark Roberts encouraged retailers to get behind the launch and campaign. He added: “Mentos Say Hello is set to be a huge talking point. Not only will it inspire shoppers to interact over their challenges, it's ideal for creating theatre in-store and even give retailers an extra reason to start talking to their customers.”

The initiative will be backed with a significant advertising campaign, as outlined by Mentos brand manager Fern O’Guynn. He said: “We’re trying to bring back appreciation for simple interactions, such as bonding over a sweet.

“The new challenges are designed to get people to step away from their phones, encourage interaction and enjoy a shared moment with others.

The launch will be supported by a £3.5m advertising campaign, including a
TV advert.

By Chris Dillon Avatar
By Chris Dillon 01 Sep, 2017



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