Our local community is important to us and we are important to our local community.

In a survey of several years ago, the local community connection was considered the most important USP of independent retailers. Whether this is true for your business or not, I bet your local community connection is important to you.

If your store is not locally connected you may not be seen as local and as locally valuable as could be the case.

Here are my tips on boosting the local connection:

  1. Be knowledgeable about local activities, events, issues and places.
  2. Talk about local matters on your social media outlets.
  3. Support local groups with knowledge, prizes and attention.
  4. Encourage local groups to use your business.
  5. Serve your community in practical ways such as volunteering.
  6. Help even the groups you cannot help financially – with an events noticeboard and supporting them on your Facebook page etc.
  7. Talk local across the counter.
  8. Be visible at local events and activities.
  9. Encourage your employees to be visible at local events and activities.

It is one thing to say you are locally connected and another entirely to live a local connection. My advice is for you to take it seriously, to actively engage and to make a difference to your community.

Learn more about how to get involved with your community with the IAA.