Top retailers always have an eye to the future and, by finding the categories that are in growth, they will secure their profitability in the years ahead


Flavoured spirits 

Stones Flavoured Wine now comes as a gin and Echo Falls Summer Berries has a Vodka – Britons are increasingly looking for an extra taste in their spirits, from the value end right to the top. Diageo’s premium Cîroc Vodka comes in a range of flavours, for example, while Pernod Ricard’s Absolut Raspberri has also found a place in this busy market. With this trend reflecting a rise in the popularity of cocktail bars, this looks certain to continue.

Did you know?

The flavoured spirit category is growing, leading to some very strange products. Bakon Vodka is a real thing and tastes of, well, bacon. 

Protein foods

Protein may have been in this list for a number of years, but it is still growing and still deserves its place. Londis now says every store should stock a protein range, while major manufacturers are adding products to the protein trend all the time. Just last month, Kellogg’s announced Special K Protein – and this will surely not be the last big-brand protein launch. And while it began with niche brands in solely premium stores, this is no longer the case.

Did you know?

Even cupboard staple Heinz Baked Beans is being advertised as a good source of protein, with every can containing 15.4g. 


Is it going to be oat, almond, coconut, cashew nut, soya or hemp? Or rice? There are now so many consumers looking to avoid cow’s milk that it is not only trendy coffee shops that need to think about keeping up with demand, convenience stores must also think about their ranges. Even Ben & Jerry’s is producing a dairy-free ice cream for the exploding vegan market. One brand, Oatly, now offers a custard, a crème fraiche and two cream-style products.

Did you know?

Milk alternative makers such as Oatly have been around since the 1990s when they say they were generally considered to be “crazy”. 

Premium wines 

Binge-drinking rates have fallen by more than 27% since the mid-noughties and 30% of young people don’t drink. However, while we’re drinking less overall, we’re  spending more on the wines we do indulge in. Brands such as Concha Y Toro are investing in the convenience channel to ensure they are the premium wine of choice. Symbol groups, meanwhile, are building reputations for their own brands, which increasingly offer premium options.

Did you know?

First there was craft beer, then craft gins and now it seems small-batch ‘craft’ wines are on the horizon. This could be the surprise trend of 2019.

Value-for-money tobacco

Retailers have fared amazingly well when it comes to the implications of EUTPD II, but one challenge which has only got harder has been competing on tobacco prices with supermarkets who can price well below RRP. This is why retailers have been calling for lower RRPs and new budget-priced products. This year, the calls seem to have been heard, with launches such as Imperial’s Riverstone adding competition to the sector.

Did you know?

Cigarette prices jumped by 33p a pack after the Budget in October, meaning many cigarettes jumped over the £10-for-20-sticks mark.