Floorplans of Tesco’s rumoured discount chain Jack’s suggest the multiple is focusing on fast shopping trips under a “discounter convenience format”, industry experts have told RN.

Tesco-jack-stats.jpgThe plans, seen by RN and its sister title, Retail Express, outline a 20,000sq ft site in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, which is rumoured to be one of 60 opening as early as September. Based on analysis with shopfitters KoolMax, the 13,869sq ft shop floor will have foodservice counters near the entrance, four conveyer tills and two self-service checkouts along-side freezers and chillers for fresh products.

GlobalData retail associate analyst Thomas Brereton told RN the layout imitates those of Aldi and Lidl stores, allowing customers to shop more quickly through wider aisles.

“Tesco has endured the success of Aldi and Lidl first-hand, and is looking to emulate the format with this new layout for its discounter store,” he said.

“Based on the lower number of manned checkouts compared to an Aldi or Lidl, Tesco is anticipating smaller basket sizes. Therefore, Tesco will be looking to dominate in an almost entirely new ‘discounter convenience’ format.”

Retail expert David Gilroy added: “Although there is space for the staple convenience products, the addition of a meat chiller, foodservice counters and ice cream freezers near the entrance suggest it is catering more to shoppers who want quick and easy meal ingredients.

“Tesco looks like it is trying to do something similar to Aldi and Lidl by making it easy for customers to navigate through the store.

“If they can compete on price with Aldi and Lidl, it could very well be a success and give competitors a run for their money.”

Reports of Tesco’s discounter plans first surfaced in February.

Tesco declined to comment on the floorplan.