Vocovo security headset

Security specialist VoCoVo has partnered with technology provider Shelfie to help retailers tackle shoplifting.

VoCoVo headsets are already being used in retail, enabling teams to communicate with each other in store to help them feel safer.

The new tie-up provides staff with early warnings of shoplifting, allowing early intervention.

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Shelfie technology audits and tracks stock levels on shelves by digitally viewing them.

Head of product Chris McKie told betterRetailing the process makes it easier for shop workers to safely identify shoplifters. “Shelfie uses smart edge cameras located on the shelf which can cover a large area of the store, using predictive analysis,” he said.

“It uses trends to detect if a product has been taken off a shelf and not put into a basket, or whether they take a large quantity of a certain product.”

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McKie added the technology then alerts suspicious behaviour has been detected in a certain aisle to staff headsets.

“Historically, this would have been down to staff noticing this happening, but now a message is sent, which means they are able to deal with it safely and quickly,” he said.

“This gives staff more time to carry out their day-to-day work without having to be on the lookout for thieves.”

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