Threat, risk or harm; the three things that the police take into consideration when assessing how to respond to a business when they report a crime.

When it comes to shop theft, however, these areas don’t tend to be touched, so should someone steal from your store, it’s now “highly unlikely” that the police will respond in the way independent retailers need them to.

That’s what we found out when investigating this week’s front page story.

Sweeping statements that retailers aren’t helping themselves by moving their checkouts when they have a problem with shoplifting shows a clear misunderstanding by the police of the needs of independently-run stores.

The police are facing continuous cuts and something has to give, but what impact does this have on retailers?

In a conversation with My Local CEO Mike Greene he said once word gets out in a community that it’s possible to steal from a store without facing consequences, cases of shoplifting could rocket.

A retailer may not face any physical threat, harm or risk, but shop theft – whether it’s a bag of crisps for 50p or a bottle of whiskey at £20 – does have an impact.

It threatens the future of a business and the livelihood of retailers across the country.

Shop theft isn’t victimless and shouldn’t be treated as such.