CCTV footage of a West Midlands retailer being robbed is being circulated around social media in a desperate bid to catch the suspects.

The footage reveals two men holding a Birmingham retailer at gunpoint while stealing a crate of beer. The suspects demanded money from the owner of Vardon Supermarket, but he immediately activated his alarm and grabbed a baseball bat to fend off the attackers.

Released on Facebook earlier today, the crime has been viewed almost 60,000 times in eight hours and the link has been shared by 1,000 people.

In the Facebook post, West Midlands police said: “The shopkeeper acting bravely to defend his livelihood and in this case it paid off, but the reality is this could have ended in tragedy. We would not recommend acts of heroism when confronted by a potentially loaded gun.”

The robbery took place on Tuesday January 6 at 7.30pm and police are urging anyone who recognises the attackers to contact them on 101.