The Scottish district president has called on the government to assist with the safety and security of small businesses.

At a district council meeting at the end of January, Rory O’Brien stressed how important it is to prioritise retail crime. 

He told RN: “There was a lot of discussion about retail crime following the outburst of violence across Scotland during the Christmas period. 

“As a result, there was a lot of debate about our key motion at annual conference, which is asking the Scottish government to assist in the safety and security of our members and other businesses.”

O’Brien confirmed that he is still trying to arrange a meeting with Daniel Johnson MSP to aid in the protection of shopworkers. 

“The thing is, people are less likely to go into a Tesco to commit crime because there are lots of people,” he said. 

“They are far more likely to go into a small corner shop where there is someone alone at the till.”

O’Brien also praised the efforts of Glasgow MP Chris Stephens who helped a local café secure funding for security measures after it suffered repeated break-ins. 

“It’s excellent to see the government is willing to help with funding for the safety and security of small businesses,” added O’Brien. “Chris is doing a great job. He and Daniel are both lobbying the same thing. 

“If we can build some effective cross-party momentum, then hopefully we will see some progress on this.”

The district will be lobbying the motion at its 105th NFRN Scottish Conference on 4-5 March in Glasgow. 

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