The NFRN is calling for the creation of a criminal offence for the assault and abuse of shop workers when asking for proof of ID.

Members will ask government minsters to support the offence’s creation during the federation’s national council meeting starting tomorrow.

“If you assault a police officer there is a specific offence for doing so.

“We believe that it is time shop workers were equally protected,” said chief executive Paul Baxter. The NFRN calls for a specific offence to be established to protect shop workers for a range of offences including common assault, racial abuse, ABH and GBH on a shop worker when asking for proof of age.”

He added anyone found guilty of the offence should face “hefty punishments”.

As well as the impact of retail crime, the council meeting will focus on the newstrade and the growing importance of sub-retailing.

The Federation says it receives “many” requests for more information on making the move into sub-retailing and will be discussing what support is available.