The National Business Crime Centre recently launched by the Metropolitan Police is prioritising violence reduction, community co-ordination and national standardisation of the way retailers can report crime.

Metropolitan police officer Max McPartland, who has been working at the centre since its opening last month, told RN ‘crime reduction partnerships’ set up across the country have a positive impact in local areas, and the centre is hoping to develop a blueprint to allow them to be set up in the same way everywhere.

“At the moment there is no national standard for what they need to look like so we are considering looking into an accreditation process,” he said.

“The challenge is that ways of reporting business crime vary so much across the country so that is also on our agenda. 

Business crime accounts for 20-25% of all crime reported in the UK so that is a significant victim group, but the definition of what exactly counts as a business crime can also vary a

He added violent crimes are “very much on our radar”, with the centre particularly interested in researching the most common causes for violence and providing advice to business owners on how to diffuse situations.