The ACS has published its Crime Report 2014, which highlights the fact crime against retailers is on the rise.

It also gives practical tips for steps that retailers can take to prevent criminals getting the upper hand. Here are three retailers’ opinions. Take a look and why not tell us what you think in the comments section below this article?

“We have CCTV in store, which really does work for us. We make it clear in store to customers that we have got it and it seems to have worked to deter people. Crime isn’t really a problem for us and the CCTV really helps.” -Kirit Patel, Londis, Barking, Essex

“We had a lot of problems in the area but through our councillor’s support we got money from the council’s anti-social behaviour fund. We got cameras put up in the road, we speak to people and warn each other about problems. We are a community shop and it’s cut out a lot of problems in our area. I strongly advise everyone to speak to their councillors.” -Jay Gandecha, Londis, Watford, Herts

“The best advice I could give is to be vigilant. We’re in a pretty low-crime area, so we’ve never really had any real threats, just broken windows and criminal damage. A lot of it is how you talk to people, if someone comes in who is undesirable, it’s best not to be aggressive with them, it could make them more aggressive. You have to stand your ground and be firm, but not too aggressive.” -Richard Gammage, Gammage’s News, Woking, Surrey