A retailer says she is so scared after a tirade of abuse she feels she has no option but to move.

Buja ‘Pinky’ Patel, who has run Moor Lane Stores in Loughborough for 19 years, told RN she has suffered racial insults for a number of months and her shop recently came under attack with stones thrown at the windows, causing £162-worth of damage.

“I was very upset. I said to my kids that we have to move. I’m really scared,” she said. “Right opposite my shop is Trinity College and a group of students are causing trouble.”

Leicestershire Police confirmed a 15-year-old boy had been charged with racially aggravated criminal damage and is due to appear in court this month.

Barry Eannetta, executive director of Horizon Care and Education Group Ltd which runs Trinity College, said the college is “working to establish a positive working relationship with the shopkeeper”.