Facewatch facial recognition

Shop theft, anti-social behaviour and violence continues to be a huge challenge for the retail sector and as the economy suffers from the recent pandemic these problems are increasing. The latest reports from the BRC show growing concerns.

CCTV is no longer a deterrent to habitual criminals. Facewatch’s facial recognition system is the proven answer.

Shop theft and anti-social behaviour in-store not only reduces profits, it also has a profound effect on employees’ welfare. But current CCTV systems are only capable of recording events, not deterring them.

Facial recognition technology however, when used under strict GDPR rules, has proven to be an effective deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour.

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The leaders in this field are Facewatch who have become the established facial recognition standard in the retail convenience sector.

Facewatch uses normal HD CCTV cameras at store entrances which automatically send a discreet alarm to the store team’s mobile phones, giving them time to identify and respond to any person entering the store who is a known subject of interest.

GDPR complaint and data managed for you by Facewatch

Facewatch ensures privacy for members of the public by immediately deleting images of people who are not on our watch list. All data is also managed by Facewatch, ensuring that store managers can be confident in the way the system is used.

If you worked more than six shifts in a row during the Covid-19 lockdown, then statistics show you almost certainly received abuse from some customers coming into your store.

Facewatch is suitable for use in any retail environment where there is a need to manage customers. This is especially relevant today, with the added pressures on shop workers to ensure the safety of customers from the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Many Facewatch users see the technology as an additional member of the team, always on watch!

At just £199 per month Facewatch is an affordable and effective deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour

Facewatch facial recognition
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