A week of violence in Scottish stores has left a shopkeeper fighting for his life following an attack on Christmas Eve. 

The incident that took place in Cumbernauld was one of five in Scotland reported to RN over the Christmas period. 

NFRN Scottish district president Rory O’Brien said the safety of shopkeepers is his priority for the year. 

He told RN: “This attack was appalling. I’m hoping to have a meeting in Scottish Parliament this week with MSP Daniel Johnson who is promoting a Protection for Shopworkers bill. We have a lot to discuss.”

Retail trade body Usdaw explained incidents are more frequent throughout the Christmas and New Year period when shops are busier, because customers become stressed and are likelier to take frustration out on staff. 

“We do not have the security or resources like a supermarket chain does. The truth is, we
are left on our own in a shop with no security,” added O’Brien. 

Three suspects have been charged with assault to severe injury, attempted murder and robbery.

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