A video went viral this week in which a fearless retailer fights off a machete-wielding raider with a mop.  The retailer’s bravery in the face of a masked attacker who ‘looked like something out of a horror movie’ made the national headlines.  But sadly it is another example of the mounting number of everyday crimes that threaten the lives and livelihoods of independent retailers.

Retail Newsagent has launched a new campaign – Call Time on Crime – designed to get the police to take retail crime seriously and push its profile up the government agenda.

We will champion the cause of 50 independent retailers who have suffered in-store crime. To help us shine a light on the tide of crime facing local shopkeepers, simply report an offence committed against you to the police, get a crime reference number and send it to RN. We will follow it up on your behalf and document the response you receive in a dossier, which we will present to crime minister Lord Henley later this year.

If you have been the victim of crime and want Retail Newsagent to fight your corner, get in touch on 0207 689 3358 or editorial@newtrade.co.uk