NFRN member Trudy Davies, of Woosnam & Davies News, has warned retailers in Wales of another surge of counterfeit £5 notes. 

The news comes two months after Davies last reported the problem in her shop. She told RN: “I was alerted that the note was fake when I cashed my money in at the bank. 

“The worker explained that, although the note looked legitimate, the gold Big Ben could easily be rubbed off.”

After informing local residents, Davies was told of a £20 note that was found in a nearby shop.  “They seem to be doing the rounds once again,” she noted.

“It’s when you get a little bit complacent about it that they start circulating again.”

Discovering that the counterfeit notes are circulating is “soul destroying”, said Davies. 

“All you want to do is make a living, it’s just so sad,” she added. “It’s difficult to stamp out because it’s impossible to trace who the note came from.

“We do have a detector in the store, but if I started regularly checking our genuine customers’ notes every time, they paid for something, I would risk alienating them.”

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