This week I spoke to wholesaler Palmer and Harvey about the impending tobacco display ban – which is due to come into effect for shops larger than 3,000 sq ft on April 6.

The group has lots of great advice for retailers on how to take advantage of the situation, but one of the key messages it wants to get across to retailers is who the ban applies to.

One of their main fears is that some retailers will find themselves unwittingly on the wrong side of the law because they have not been given the correct information.

Is it possible that some retailers in large forecourt stores will mistakenly believe themselves exempt from the rules? Is it possible some smaller retailers will have gotten the wrong end of the stick and frantically (and needlessly) rush to implement a blank tobacco gantry?

What do you think? Has information about the tobacco display ban been communicated clearly by the Government, suppliers and trade organisations? Are some retailers still confused about the do’s and don’ts of the ban?