Scottish retailers are struggling to cope with the increased amount of legislation being passed by Holyrood. 

Speaking at the region’s council meeting last week, district president Rory O’Brian said dealing with legislation can be time-consuming.

“Retailers are getting bogged down quite simply by the amount of legislation being introduced by the Scottish government, whether it’s to do with recycling or food,” he said. 

“Westminster, on the other hand, is just focusing on Brexit, whereas we are having meeting after meeting about new legislation, and this has become a bit of a gravy train for some organisations.”

However, O’Brian did highlight the advantages of some recent legislation. “I have to admit, minimum unit pricing has been really good for our members,” he said. 

“They are now able to sell vodka and beer at the same prices that supermarkets can charge.”

Members also used the meeting to discuss its district restructure. 

“This is really important,” said O’Brian. “We have made the decision to get rid of the branches and create one.”

The news comes after a number of branches are becoming inactive due to members being unable to travel long distances to meet around the region. 

“Sometimes, branch meetings can be a waste of time,” he added. 

“Of course, some branches are against it, but the general mood seems to be positive. It’s more about having events supporting a larger number of members.”

The changes are to be made before National Council in March 2019.

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